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30 Day World Mythology Challenge - Day 1: Favorite Deity


Egyptian God of wisdom and knowledge, Thoth is pretty much my dude. He had the head of an ibis (or sometimes a baboon, another of his symbols) and was attributed with inventing writing and being the true author of all branches of knowledge, divine or human. He is also the mediator of the gods between order and chaos, taking a neutral stance to keep balance between the two. Thoth is said to have been self-made and to have power that rivaled Ra and Osiris. Without his words, it was said that the gods simply couldn’t be at all.

I really like how this shows just how much importance that the Egyptians placed on knowledge. While I have seen many difference cultures use different elemental deities be the ones with the most power, here we see one where knowledge is highly regarded just as much as Ra, the ruler of the Gods, and Osiris, Lord of the Dead.

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